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The Plenitude of a Romantic Marriage

Theoretically, lastingly romantic marriages should be more common than those based on an exuberant sex life. But it’s not how it goes. It doesn’t mean that sexually satisfying relationships are that frequent, but very few couples get to experience a loving relationship that last decades, one that fills hearts with joy and eyes, with tears… Read More »

On Being Alone…

This new millennium hasn’t just brought technological advances; romantic relationships have also gone through a deep transformation, and revolutionized the concept of love. What people want these days is a relationship that fits into our times, in which there is individuality, respect, joy and pleasure in each other’s company. People in relationships no longer depend… Read More »

Vanity and Aggressiveness

I began writing about vanity several years ago, but only now do I feel like I can understand the amount of aggression imbued in this erotic pleasure we all have of showing off to attract admiration or desire. We expend considerable time and energy to attract other people’s attention—even of those who don’t interest us… Read More »

The Truly Sexually Liberated Woman

The porn industry, as I have been saying for some time, has long imposed a model of fabricated womanhood. Their sexual behavior, although faked, is supposed to men’s dreams: they agree to everything, are generally submissive (and even go down on their knees for oral sex), and moan loudly, especially when penetrated, whether vaginally or… Read More »

Moral Education

Raising a new member of a social group is a complex endeavor that involves several different elements. The first job, of utmost importance, is the transmission of that community’s customs. The next step is their schooling, that is, transmitting information humanity had accumulated during the millennia before the child’s arrival. Teaching is an arduous, difficult… Read More »

What Is Friendship?

Friendship is a strong emotional bond between two people, which happens for reasons that are not always present in romantic attachments. When two people enjoy how the other acts, laughs and thinks, they connect fairly fast; in this regard, friendship is similar to love. The intellectual compatibilities that are quickly noticed when people grow closer… Read More »

What Is Emotional Maturity?

I believe a person is emotionally mature when they reach a point in which they are better at handling life’s troubles and, therefore, have more time to enjoy its pleasant and recreational aspects. Perhaps the main trait of a mature person is their tolerance to the inevitable frustrations and setbacks that happen to us all.… Read More »