By | 21/09/2015

They want to always know where their partners are and what their kids are doing “out at this hour,” and worry too much about the health of their parents and relatives. Controlling women fear that any vacillation or inattention might bring disaster. They believe everything goes well thanks only to their unflagging efforts; they understand how much energy it requires, but believe their sacrifices are what will grant them long periods of harmony and well-being in life.

Of course, this conduct is not exclusive to women, but this piece will analyze its aspects in female behavior.

Controlling women tend to be much more jealous of their husbands. At night, they ask apparently innocent questions that nonetheless convey their huge interest in knowing exactly where those men have been – after all, according them, their husbands are always ready for romantic and sexual adventures. They are also possessive of their children, and try to keep them under their wing for as long as they can.

Whenever controlling women suspect something has escaped their control, they immediately panic, and despair thinking of their husbands with other women, and their children in terrible accidents. This will happen if any of them is even a few minutes late, as these women’s minds always imagine the worst scenario. However, the truth is that none of us knows anything of what really matters. We don’t know where we came from, where we’re going, how long we’ll be on Earth, nor the good or bad things that are to come. Not everyone deals very well with this lack of answers, but learning to live with the unknowable is essential to lead life in a happier way. People who accept this fact know we can’t predict the future, and compare it to a game, as if we were all in a huge casino where, every day, we can win or lose.

People who can’t deal with uncertainty live in a permanent state of vulnerability, a step away from panic and despair. They are fragile beings, because they don’t feel strong enough to shoulder the frustrations and disappointments life can bring us at any moment. They are forever preparing for the worst; since they can’t tell themselves that everything will be fine, they choose to be sure that nothing will. After all, expecting the worst can be a self-fulfilling prophecy, as life can be taken to a negative path much more easily than a positive one. For instance, a woman who fears her husband will leave her can become so tense, her behavior will be unpleasant and destructive, which will contribute to making her nightmare come true.

It’s hard to live with such negative women. Although it’s not always their intention, they exert total control over everyone they care about. They become tyrants, always trying to order around everyone and everything, in their attempt to avoid disaster. They annoy the ones they love most, and make their own lives miserable. And, what’s worse, they can’t avoid tragedy. The only thing that can be done is accepting life as it is.

Tradução: Amanda Morris