Sexism is Man’s Worst Enemy

By | 06/06/2016

The idea of male superiority prevailed for several centuries; fierce opposition to the concept, which is progressively gaining strength, only appeared on the twentieth century.

Men considered themselves to be not only physically stronger, but also smarter, more creative and more sensible, which gave them control over their whole family. They had the power to belittle and humiliate their wives and had social and sexual freedoms forbidden to women.

These rights came with a set of duties: they were supposed to provide and care for their families, guard their daughters’ purity and keep other men away from their wives, protecting them from thieves and womanizers. They sacrificed themselves to support their family and their honor was contingent on results, always a huge emotional and physical burden on men – who live, on average, seven years less than women.

However, although men do not have as many special rights anymore, their list of obligations only grows. Here are just a few examples:

1. They feel they must always be sexually available to their wives, not to mention to other women (considering women were not granted the freedom, in the past, to clearly express their feelings, this kind of pressure was non-existent.)

2. Any failure in this arena, which is becoming increasingly common – as women are becoming more straightforward and intimidating to men – ruins their self-esteem.

3. They must proposition every available woman (and there are many now), unless they want to be mocked by their friends.

4. They can’t say no to sex, neither at home or anywhere else.

5. They must be able to bring women to orgasm, which, until a few decades ago, was not a concern expressed by neither men, nor women.

6. They have to meet women’s erotic expectations, which include being in shape, as women, now, also judge men by their physical attributes.

This list could be even longer, as women demand more from men, these days.

The modern world is rife with change; men should enjoy it and learn to improve their own condition, instead of burying themselves under duty.

The male emancipation motto should be: “Down with sexism!”

Tradução: Amanda Morris