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When Words Are an Act of Aggression

There are differing opinions about people who express their point of view in a careful and gentle manner, especially when the subject is controversial. Some will say these people are fakes and hypocrites, because they choose their words to please other people; as a result, their honesty is doubted. Others, however, don’t agree with this… Read More »

Individualism is not Selfishness

Individualism is a word that can generate controversy and misunderstandings. When it happens, I believe it is because the word has several meanings and evokes different emotions for different people, according to their understanding of it. Individualism has a negative connotation when used as a synonym for selfishness and also when it’s used to describe… Read More »

A Few Predictions for 2030

Making predictions is always difficult and risky; after all, unexpected technological advances can alter our world and we, interactive creatures that we are, will adapt to it. However, I feel like most of the advances that affected our quality of life already happened in the past 25 years. Of course, there have been improvements in… Read More »