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What Is Serenity?

The word serenity has more than one meaning; the most common one is the ability that some people have to live with and accept adverse situations with grace, especially when the outcome is beyond their control. When under the pressure of self-created expectations, we often become severely upset; we must not allow our future plans,… Continue lendo »

Dealing with Suffering, a Learning Experience

Our innate characteristics cannot be underestimated in the context of our psychological development. The strength each of us possesses to overcome obstacles, and learn from them, is even more important than the adversities in our lives. So, instead of trying to protect our children from suffering, we should help them develop their inner potential, so… Continue lendo »

What Is Emotional Maturity?

I believe a person is emotionally mature when they reach a point in which they are better at handling life’s troubles and, therefore, have more time to enjoy its pleasant and recreational aspects. Perhaps the main trait of a mature person is their tolerance to the inevitable frustrations and setbacks that happen to us all.… Continue lendo »