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A love story… with a happy ending

Technological advances and changes in society have led to the growth of individuality and the impoverishment of conventional love – which nonetheless prevails in the collective imagination as an ideal. This slow transformation, according to Flávio Gikovate, is excellent news. He believes that adults today have two options: to live alone, establishing more superficial emotional and physical connections; or to develop relationships based on what he calls +love, which respects individuality. In this work, Gikovate explains how to take the second path – definitely more difficult, but far more rewarding.

Publisher: MG Editores
ISBN: 9788572550635
1a Edition / 2009 – 152 pages
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Evil, good and beyond – The selfish, the generous and the fair

In Evil, Good and Beyond, Flávio Gikovate states that the union between man and woman is a bond between opposites — that is, a selfish person is bewitched by a generous person and the other way around. Yet this kind of relationship causes both partners problems, for they will ultimately go through situations of sorrow and disappointment. According to the author, investing in one’s own freedom and individuality is the solution. This could bring about couples formed by fair people, more mature to experience love.

Publisher: MG Editores
ISBN: 9788572550628
1a Edition / 2009 – 144 pages
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Sex is one of the topics most spoken and written about. According to Gikovate, this is a sign that it is still poorly understood and far from a satisfactory resolution. As such, in this book he rethinks several myths and half-truths about sex and addresses controversial issues. Based on his believe that sex and love are two autonomous (and often antagonistic) impulses, Gikovate points out the strong association between sexuality and aggressiveness (especially in men). At the same time, he shows that desire and arousal are very different phenomena: while the first is elitist, based on elements of a consumer society that is almost out of control, the second is a democratic pleasure easily attainable by all. Gikovate proposes that we reconsider our current worshipping of desire, since it serves to valorise casual sex, preserve selfishness and promote emotional immaturity – things that decent people have been trying to free themselves of for the longest time.

Publisher: MG Editores
ISBN: 9788572550802
1a Edition / 2011 – 192 pages
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