Sex, the Best Cure for Stress

By | 18/04/2016

One of the main concerns of people overburdened with worry and responsibilities is finding ways to minimize the damage their way of life can bring to their health. Of course, it would be best to just have a more peaceful lifestyle, but it is not easy to break away from the rest of society and choose a different path. So all people can do is search for a method of alleviating their everyday aches, be it through massage, sports, meditation, walks, hobbies or time off.

Among the many activities that help relieve tension, the one that works the fastest is good sex.

Just like relaxing massages and meditation exercises, sex brings lightness to the body and mind; sensual pleasure takes us to an ethereal world, in which we forget our everyday problems, whether financial or health issues, or even political.

It’s not easy to disconnect so completely from the chaos of daily life. However, the more a person give sin to the experience and focus on stimulating our erogenous zones, the faster they’ll get aroused; it’s worth trying, even when not spontaneously in the mood for the sex.

At a first moment, two people having sex only have eyes for each other, and themselves. They try to fulfill their desires and their partner’s expectations; giving and receiving pleasure. Their focus is on that universe, on the sexual experience—the rest of the world disappears. The moment they approach orgasm, however, nothing else matters; thoughts cease, exactly as they do in a successful meditation, and the partners thoroughly give into the pulse of their sexuality.

It is a magical moment, of diving deep into themselves and the urgency of arousal. At this moment—as I have been saying in my writings—there is no communion. A person having an orgasm enjoys the most absolute and delicious solitude! Their partner is at the same place, focused on themselves, in their own inner silence.

The sexual climax is followed by a moment of physical, and sometimes emotional exhaustion, which is why some men fall asleep. Then comes the relaxation and feel of weightlessness that protects our minds from daily conflicts. When our problems return to our minds, we can see them with more critical and generous eyes.  Through these lens, life gains simplicity and pleasurable activities, another meaning.

But this beneficial relaxation is only achieved when people don’t use sex to manipulate or dominate their partner, or as an instrument to exercise their resentment. People who want to impress in bed only turn sex into yet another stressful factor. What should be lighthearted becomes heavy, weighted by goals that must be achieved at any cost.

In my professional experience, not many people are capable of simply enjoying sex in these terms, nor of being motivated toward a healthy form of vanity—the kind of vanity that moves people to take care of themselves, so they can keep up with the activity and maintain an attractive figure.

When I talk about healthy vanity, I don’t mean insane consumerism, unnecessary cosmetic surgery, compulsive dieting or obsession with exercise in name of perfection; I mean self-knowledge, and meeting oneself.

That is the real sexual emancipation, the one that frees people from sex with ulterior motives and fills them with genuine and transparent feelings, essential to lead life with the lightness and wisdom of youth.

Tradução: Amanda Morris