Why Are Bad Boys so Attractive?

Bad boys, those daring womanizers who easily proclaim their love and promise the moon, tend to be very sexually attractive to women, much more so than reticent, polite and subtle men. The latter are jealous of these seductive men because they are unable to act with the same persistence and disregard for truth, which seems to be a philanderer’s main approach. The best kind of men are jealous of the worst – a paradox that comes from the bad boys’ success in such important matters!

Well-behaved women are especially attracted to bad boys, but their persistence also flatters the vanity of women more similar to themselves: more impulsive women are also charmed by the irreverent and flippant ways of womanizers, who show clear sexual intent “disguised” as romantic feelings. Their lines are like music to the ears of women who see themselves as romantics in search of a long-term relationship.

These romantic women fall in the same trap several times. They’re either foolish and unable to learn from their mistakes, or they just want sex without commitment, but can’t be honest about it. I favor the second explanation. However, even in the context of a purely sexual escapade, they are still searching for a relationship. When they fall for the very exciting lines of these men who seem to be head over heels for them, they’ll go for the sexual adventure and brush off the risk of being hurt.

In the end, however, these women will be saved from a terrible relationship with one of these untrustworthy men, because all they really wanted was the thrill of the hunt and the pleasure of deceiving women. They won’t call the next day, nor on any of the following days. What a womanizer wants is to be chased by women, in a reversal of the position he was in at first. It’s payback. And chase him, these women will. They can’t stand the rejection and humiliation and suffer when treated with indifference, seemingly surprised by the predictable result. They take weeks to recover and swear they’ll never make the same mistakes. But time goes by and there they are, falling for the same act.

As the bad boys order another round at a bar and boast about their recent adventures …

Tradução: Amanda Morris